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Web Site and Web Site Content (as defined below) are provided as an information source by the owner(s) and affiliates of this Web Site (referred to collectively as Web Site Owners). Web Site Owners invite you to use Web Site and review Web Site Content to help inform your decisions about existing day to day realities. Web Site Content constitutes Yunrou’s original teachings and is based on deep reflection and a lifetime of learning (referred to as, “Web Site Content”). Web Site’s purpose is to inform, inspire internal growth and build a sense of community. Actions you take after reading Web Site Content, or based on your interpretation of Web Site Content, are done of your own volition, and at your own risk. Before you act on Web Site Content, please consult professional counsel.

While a lot of care has been devoted to preparing and maintaining Web Site Content, both Web Site and any information available on or accessed through Web Site are provided “as is” and subject to change without notice. Web Site Owners make no representations or claims of any kind concerning Web Site Content, including what Web Site Content will do for you generally or for a particular purpose. Web Site Owners assume no responsibility for Web Site Content and make no warranties concerning the accuracy or currency of Web Site Content. Web Site Content is not intended to create, nor does reading, reviewing, receiving or acting on information on this Web Site constitute any form of a relationship with Web Site, or Web Site Owners, including contractual.

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Web Site Owners do not endorse any content provided by or available on Non-Monitored Sites. Web Site Owners also do not assume any responsibility for the quality or integrity of content on Non-Monitored Sites, or for any interpretation or application of any of Yunrou’s teachings that might appear on Non-Monitored Sites.

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The only laws under which Web Site and Web Site Content are to be construed, enforced or governed are those of Florida and the United States of America (referred to as “Laws”), which are the prevailing Laws for all matters arising from use of Web Site and Web Site Content. Respecting Laws and Web Site Disclaimers is consistent with the teachings presented in this Web Site, and is a harmonious application of Web Site Content. Thank you.

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