In our world, the pendulum has swung very far in the direction of destruction of the natural environment, an imbalance of power, social inequity, political injustice, religious extremism, self-absorption, and greedy waste of resources. If the world as we know it is to survive, it is essential that we reverse this trend.

The Taoist path embodies precisely those qualities we feel are required to restore balance and harmony to the world and advocates for a return to a healthy planet-wide equilibrium.

In general terms, we hope people who are dissatisfied with the status quo and would like to see a greener, healthier, more fair and compassionate world will find our message immediately relevant and empowering.

Among others, the following groups may find our find these thoughts of greatest interest:
  • Social and economic liberals
  • Academics
  • Meditators
  • Scientists
  • Working professionals with advanced degrees
  • Environmental Activists
  • Clean Energy Activists
  • Sustainability Activists
  • Educated working people who are concerned about the world
  • Environmentalists
  • Human Resources personnel
  • Labor Unions
  • Animal Rights Activists
  • Human Rights Activists
  • Conservationists
  • GLBTs
  • Vegans
  • Futurists
  • New Agers
  • Members of Traditional Cultures, (Polynesians, Tibetans, Native Americans, etc.)
  • Religious reformers
  • Taoist groups
  • Tai Chi Groups

The Taoist League:

Monk Yunrou is the chairman of a private organization with the mission to anchor a community of people who wish to cultivate themselves and work actively toward a more balanced, compassionate, and conscious world.

Our Taoist Roots

Taoism is a natural philosophy advanced by the most penetrating thinkers of ancient China. The most important of these sages is Laozi, who wrote the Dao De Jing, the second most widely translated book in the world after the Judeo-Christian Bible. Another celebrated Taoist sage is Zhuangzi, whose name is the title of his own famous Taoist book.

Taoism emphasizes compassion, frugality, and humility and has long been the favorite worldview of China’s intellectual and power elite. The Star Wars franchise made Taoism famous in our culture. Yoda and the other Jedi masters are, in fact, Taoist sages, and the concept of The Force is based on the Taoist notion of qi, an all-pervasive, universal energy.

Taoists believe that the highest virtue is to be like water, flowing easily, powerfully, and effortlessly through life in accordance with the guidance of an overarching principle called Tao. Taoists see the world as an interplay between opposing forces called yin and yang, with humankind suspended in the middle, as between heaven and earth. The name of this harmonious dynamic is taiji, like the increasingly popular Taoist martial art. Examples of yin and yang include male and female, light and dark, and weak and strong.

A characteristic result of taiji is a calm state of mind called wuji. A wuji mind frees us from impulses actions, prejudices, and presuppositions, allowing us to see clearly and to act with wisdom, compassion, and a long-term, natural view.

We do not practice Taoism as a religion. More so, Taoist thought meshes wonderfully with any altruistic beliefs, values, and behaviors you already possess.

What is Our Goal?

Our goal is to attract like-minded people to our online community (through the newsletter), and to engage and assist charities, associations, and projects in line with our vision. We truly believe in the transformative power of spiritual clarity, no matter how utopian that belief may seem. We believe that as our consciousness grows, the compassionate, energetic result will provide a better destiny for all sentient beings.

If we can do so without diluting, commercializing, or cheapening our mission, we may offer a way to share goods and services congruent with our goals.

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Yunrou is About:

Higher Consciousness
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Discernment Without Judgment
Setting a Personal Example
Community Action

We are in the midst of the sixth great extinction in geologic history.

Species are disappearing by the minute. We are killing sentient beings (including each other) in untold numbers. Our forests are disappearing and our oceans are becoming toilets. Contemporary Western culture is defined first and foremost by unbridled greed, social and financial inequality, and self-absorption. While there are pockets of great compassion and awareness around the world, the sheer size of our population makes us the primary cause of our own problems and those of the rest of the natural environment.

If we want to survive, we must evolve.

Evolution is inevitable. Whether we see it as a tool in the hands of a Creator or a spontaneous feature of life in the universe, we can be entirely sure it will work its magic on us. In the past we came out of the trees, learned to run, lost our tails, grew bigger brains, made tools, developed language. Now we must evolve to a new psycho-spiritual level, one that transforms the way we see ourselves and our resources, the way we treat each other and what we value in life. Thus changed, we will recognize that we are all linked, intertwined, indeed, ultimately the same.

Meditation research shows that what and how we think physically affects our brain.

Ideas lead to evolution. Those ideas ask us to turn off the autopilot, reject much of what we believe to be true, much of what we have been told about the way the world works and our purpose in it, and think deeply and act courageously. They ask us to restore balance to the world, to say no to cruelty to sentient beings, to say no to destruction of the environment, to say no to empty cultural agendas and to say no to outdated social mores. They ask us to stop wasting resources. They ask us to stop hating, judging, and killing. They ask us to shine a light on hidden agendas, forsake self-serving behavior, and to embrace higher consciousness, and compassion. They ask us to evolve now, before it is too late.

Never have ideas been more important to our very survival.

The evolutionary way forward has never been clearer. Through the power of clearly presented ideas and the support of a like-minded community, this website is here to help each and every one of us make as big a positive, creative, compassionate difference in the world as we possibly can.


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