YANG – The Beginning of AI


“You may take me as a fiction, but I am anything but a fake. Either way the first part of my life was set against a fragile one time tapestry in which subterfuge, greed, envy, ambition, and most of all desire came together in that ineffable, magical river the Han Chinese call Tao.”

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A little jade robot with a golden head and diamond feet. The size of a six year old boy. Built for a secret purpose at the time of Kublai Khan. In the wake of the decimation of numerous cultures. A little golden head found, disconnected, in the collection of a billionaire who lives in New York City, in a brownstone lit by gas-light. He dies leaving a golden head and everything else to a daughter nobody knew he had.

Two worlds: the ancient and the modern. Themes ranging from talking to god to the creation of the next level of artificial intelligence. Not so much a love story as an adventure – picturesque. A Chinese slave, but a genius, meets a queen who can’t have children; meets the man who loves that queen, but is not the king.

This is YANG!