Taoist philosophy tells us that, in cycles, when things go too far in one direction they will inevitably come back in the other. An awareness of these cycles can help us look and understand the events that unfold around us. This is equally true in nature as it is in our society or politics. The problem with the natural swinging pendulum of these cycles is that the correction from one extreme to another, it can knock you over and create problems. Listen in as Yunrou discusses this and how you might face these extremes.

Welcome to the Forbidden Rice Podcast, an ongoing series of talks in which I don rose-colored glasses and address subjects that can be sticky, gritty, and challenging. I hope what I say will help you keep your highest ideals in mind all the time, shoot for the stars, make the world a better place, and to be true to your deepest self.

Prefer to listen? This talk is available on SoundCloud below, on Stitcher, iTunes, and on your mobile device.

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