The early ideas that underpin Taoism came from shamans spending time looking at the natural world. Later Taoism became a coherent philosophy – a gorgeous way to understand how the world works. Later the Taoists salted their philosophy with myths, legends, and stories to help people understand our place in this world. This greatly broadened the appeal of Taoism. In this talk, Yunrou discusses how stories in Taoism and other religions can present a challenge. Do you accept them as literal truth or take them as allegory? Listen in and see what you think.

Welcome to the Forbidden Rice Podcast, an ongoing series of talks in which I don rose-colored glasses and address subjects that can be sticky, gritty, and challenging. I hope what I say will help you keep your highest ideals in mind all the time, shoot for the stars, make the world a better place, and to be true to your deepest self.

Prefer to listen? This talk is available on SoundCloud below, on Stitcher, iTunes, and on your mobile device.

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