In the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, top lamas are reincarnated and must be identified by specific tests administered by scouts. Sometimes a child is discovered to be the next Dalai or Panchen lama because he recognizes a favored food he used to love (in a previous life) or particular amulet, garment, or song. We Taoists don’t have this exact tradition; our world is a bit more chaotic and complex, features an ongoing and dynamic rebalancing of yin and yang and lots of open questions about what happens after we die. No matter how you slice the universe into understandable bits, however, this week’s podcast is one that will get you wondering whether the little girl you’re about to see converse with me might not just be someone very special. I’m sure you’ll enjoy what she has to say. Listen in and spread the word!

Welcome to the Forbidden Rice Podcast, an ongoing series of talks in which I don rose-colored glasses and address subjects that can be sticky, gritty, and challenging. I hope what I say will help you keep your highest ideals in mind all the time, shoot for the stars, make the world a better place, and to be true to your deepest self.

Prefer to listen? This talk is available on SoundCloud below, on Stitcher, and on your mobile device.

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