What is the difference between facts and knowledge? As science evolves, it becomes apparent that facts can change over time. Perhaps it is best to not get too attached to facts and instead embrace the joy of learning. Real knowledge – real knowing is a direct experience that transcends facts. Tai chi and meditation are practices that allow your brain to rest and allow intuition to kick in. In this way you will find a balance between logic and intuition. Listen in as Yunrou explores the words of Laozi, intuition, and the Tao.

Welcome to the Forbidden Rice Podcast, an ongoing series of talks in which I don rose-colored glasses and address subjects that can be sticky, gritty, and challenging. I hope what I say will help you keep your highest ideals in mind all the time, shoot for the stars, make the world a better place, and to be true to your deepest self.

Prefer to listen? This talk is available on SoundCloud below, on Stitcher, iTunes, and on your mobile device.

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