We have two sides to the little quantum computer in our head. One side is very linear and deals with facts. The other side is simultaneously working on many different levels and we call that one intuition, as compared to the first one which is rational, logical thought. We need them both of course. If you want to send a rocket to the moon, you better be pretty good at rational, logical thought. If you want to figure out the trajectory of a gun, if you want to figure out the sequence of a genome, you better really have your rational, logical, quantitative mind dialed into the task.

But interestingly enough facts change, facts evolve. Theories and systems and our rational thinking and our science changes all the time. What was good for you fifty years ago, now, “Uh oh! That causes cancer, don’t do that.” Through all that shifting and changing of what we call facts and reality, there is this other simultaneous, parallel constant and that constant is the experince of being human, the experince of being alive. The universal feelings…Hate. Love. Lust. Envy. Ambition. Covetesness, and so on. Those things drive us more powerfully and are more memorable than the other. Those things don’t change. They are the things that we taste in the morning. They are the things that wake us up at night.

They are the things that give us joy. And all of those things are found in fiction and good story. If you take them out, you don’t have a story. If you put them in, you have everything.