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People are wired for story, and through it share feelings and ideas. Monk Yunrou’s unique, award-winning literary voice offers action, romance, and information in both ancient and modern settings. In his books, magical realism meets science, and compelling characters and plot-lines convey lofty ideas so sweetly and subtly readers may not even realize how much they’re learning.

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Spiritual Activism for a World in Need.

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Fiction and Non-Fiction, Full of Emotion, Information, and Wonder.

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Monk Yunrou brings energy, humor, and insight to audiences from 50 to 5000.

Yunrou's Mission

“I prize a calm and compassionate mind. I live and breathe Chinese philosophy, history, and martial arts. Protecting our beautiful Earth and all her sentient inhabitants is my first priority. I am committed to human and animal rights and social and political activism.” – Taoist Monk Yunrou

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